A Catalyst for Our Community

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What Makes
Us Different

Triad Business Bank can be a catalyst for our community. Over the last several years, the Triad has gone from a banking community with local leadership who had vested interest in the success of the Triad to larger institutions with broader, and much less local, interests. Our goal is to fill a need that is often overlooked by regional and national banks.


Our Mission

Triad Business Bank will embrace advanced technology, customer service, cultural diversity, conventional underwriting practices and conservative investment principles while serving the commercial banking needs of the Triad.


Our Business

Triad Business Bank is narrowly focused on commercial and private bank loans and deposits. We bring big bank expertise, products and bankers with community bank service and focus in on businesses and the people who own them.

Our Story

Triad Business Bank abides by the simple belief that “Financial Success Begins with Integrity.” Our goal is to achieve long-term, enduring financial prosperity for the bank, its shareholders and, most importantly, the businesses and communities of the Triad. In pursuing that goal, we commit to never compromising our unwavering commitment to integrity.

Bank Anywhere

We know businesses and owners are busy so we have state of the art technology that allows clients to “Bank Anywhere.” Our clients can use remote deposit, we can have courier to come to them, and they can sign loan and deposit documents electronically.

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