Triad Business Bank’s physical offices will be closed Wednesday, June 19th for the Juneteenth holiday. We will process during normal processing hours on Thursday, June 20th. Please use alternative methods of banking during the holiday including Personal Online Banking and Treasury Online.

TBB Security Center

Your privacy and the security of your information is Triad Business Bank’s utmost concern. Unfortunately, threats to information security are increasingly part of everyday life for the clients we serve. Today more than ever, you need to know how to protect yourself against Internet and e-mail hazards like phishing, spyware, viruses, spam and more. Below, you will find useful information and education on ways you can take control to safeguard your identity, money, privacy and property.

Protect Yourself

While identity theft can happen to anyone, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk.
Here are eight ways to make protecting your identity part of your everyday routine:


1. Secure your information. Whether it is paper documents or electronic files always keep your information protected.


2. Password security is crucial. Use a strong password with 8 or more characters with a combination of upper and lower-case letters and special characters.  Don’t share your password with anyone.  If you must write it down, make sure that it is secured away from your computer.


3. Ensure your computer is protected. Make sure you have security software that includes antivirus/malware and firewall protection.  Ensure your software is active and updated regularly.


4. Statements. Read your credit card and bank statements carefully and often.


5. Know your payment due dates. If a bill doesn’t show up when you expect it, look into it.

6. Read the statements from your health insurance plan. Make sure the claims paid match the care you got.
7. Shred any documents with personal and financial information.

Electronic Device Security

Secure Your Device

Create a strong password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. Use your device’s auto-lock feature and set it to take effect five minutes from the last activity. Don’t share your device with others because you can’t set separate passwords.

Use Security Software
Install anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, and a firewall. Set your preference to update these protections often. Protect against intrusions and infections that can compromise your mobile device files or passwords by installing security patches for your operating system and other software programs.

Avoid Phishing Emails
Don’t open files, click on links, or download programs sent by strangers. Opening a file from someone you don’t know could expose your device to a computer virus or spyware that captures your passwords or other information you type.

Be Aware and Cautious About Wi-Fi
Before you send personal information over your laptop or smartphone on a public wireless network in a coffee shop, library, airport, hotel, or other public place, see if your information will be protected. If you use an encrypted website, it protects only the information you send to and from that site. If you use a secure wireless network, all the information you send on that network is protected.

Protect Your Data
Back up your data regularly and sync your mobile device with your computer. Delete any text messages or emails that contain sensitive information. Keep financial information on your laptop only when necessary. Don’t use an automatic login feature that saves your user name and password, and always log off when you’re finished. That way, if your laptop is stolen, it will be harder for a thief to get at your personal information.

Debit Card Security
The best protection against fraud is to monitor your account on a regular basis and watch for suspicious activity, Online & Mobile Banking make this easy.

If you notice any suspicious activity, please call us right away at 336-542-1470 during business hours.  After business hours, weekends, or holidays, call- US: 888-297-3416 | Outside of US: 206-389-5200

How We Help

Triad Business Bank uses Debit Card Fraud Monitoring to provide greater protection against fraudulent use of your card.  It reviews spending patterns, detects unusual card activity, tracks risk patterns and contacts you via a text alert or call center representative to quickly identify and help stop fraud. There is no application process–you are automatically covered.

How You Can Help

Our Card Management Service apps lets you manage your debit cards. With this service you can protect yourself from fraud with instant alerts or activity restrictions. You can also suspend your card off on the spot if it is ever lost or stolen.

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