Women in Banking Q&A Series: Camyron Pressley 


Triad Business Bank has a robust team of talented female professionals, all of which have unique and compelling stories worth telling. This Q&A series will shine a spotlight on the amazing women at Triad Business Bank as they share their industry experiences, professional advice, and personal interests.

Camyron Pressley, a Client Services Associate, is one of our talented young professionals that has taken the industry by storm. In our fifth installment of our Women in Banking series, she shares with us what led her to the bank after starting in the law industry, the trends she sees in banking, and another secret talent that begins with a “b,” baking!

Q: Did you grow up in the Triad?
Camyron: I was born and raised in Lexington, NC.

Q: What are your main hobbies & interests outside of work?
Camyron: My main hobbies are being outdoors, reading, painting, baking, and being with friends and family.

Q: What causes are you passionate about?
Camyron: I am very passionate’ about being a helping hand to those in the community, friends, family, etc.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
Camyron: Mostly Country.

Q: When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Camyron: I wanted to be a NICU Nurse.

Q: What led you to your current position in banking? What is your ultimate career goal in banking?
Camyron: Banking is always a field I have considered. Starting at 19, I worked as a legal assistant/paralegal, specializing in real estate closings. The banking side of things sparked my curiosity, and I wanted to know more. This curiosity led me to my role in banking, which all seem to tie together. My background as a legal assistant/paralegal helped me gain the knowledge I needed to pursue my banking career. Because banking is an ever-growing organism, I am grateful for the help of many co-workers who contribute to my learning and growth at Triad Business Bank.

My goal is to seize every opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge and experience. The world of banking is full of possibilities.

Q: What led you to your current position in banking?
Camyron: My legal assistant/ paralegal background has helped me gain the knowledge I needed to pursue the role I am currently in at the bank. With the help of many co-workers, I could continue to learn and grow into the position I am in today.

Q: What is your ultimate career goal in banking?
Camyron: My goal is to continue learning as much as possible about banking to continue working towards new opportunities that may open up.

Q: What are some aspects of the career that you enjoy?
Camyron: I enjoy interacting with our clients, and my ultimate goal is to provide an excellent experience for the client and internally. 

Q: What are some challenges or obstacles you feel you have faced as a woman in banking, and how did you overcome those?
Camyron: While I have been in banking for a short time, I have been fortunate that it has been with a bank that empowers women. Due to this inclusiveness, I have not experienced any obstacles specific to being a woman.

Q: What woman/women impacted you most in your career?
Camyron: Leah Price has had a significant impact on me in my career. She has mentored me in so many ways. Anyone who knows Leah has experienced how she so freely shares her wisdom from years of experience. Leah somehow helps me to find my voice at my most crucial moments. Everyone woman should have a Leah in her life!

Q: Where do you see the banking industry headed in the future? What are some trends you’ve noticed?
Camyron: The banking industry has been advancing in technology, and I believe it will continue to forge its way down the technological advancement path, placing more and more at the fingertips of the client.

Q: How can the industry be more welcoming or inclusive of women?
Camyron: By opening more opportunities for women to learn and grow within the banking industry and helping them achieve the goals, they have set for themselves within their banks.

Q: What words of wisdom do you have to encourage younger generations to pursue careers in banking?
Camyron: Never shut out the opportunity to learn new things, even if you think it may not be worth your time. In the end, you may learn something that can be beneficial to success in work and life.

Q: What life lesson have you learned that you think will be beneficial to others?
Camyron: “Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” Og Mandino


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