Client Spotlight Q&A: Puroast Coffee, Kerry Sachs, CEO


What makes Triad Business Bank different from our competitors is we offer big bank expertise while providing community bank service—focusing not only on the needs of our business owners but also on supporting their business. This Q&A series will shine a spotlight on different clients of Triad Business Bank as they share their industry background, experience with Triad Business Bank, and personal insights.

In this first client spotlight, CEO of Puroast Coffee Company Kerry Sachs provides a glimpse into how his company came to be, how they started working with Triad Business Bank, and their experience as a client. Kerry and his wife visited Venezuela (Mrs. Sachs’ home country) when they were invited to visit a coffee plantation. This invitation led Kerry to start learning about the growing of beans, production, and manufacturing industry. In 1998, Puroast Coffee Company Inc. was born from this inspiration, and soon after, it was found that the coffee also helped people feel better. Research was done by Dr. Taka Shibamoto to find out why, and he discovered that Puroast has some special properties, which Kerry highlights in his Q&A responses.

Q: Did you grow up in the Triad? If not, how did you end up in the Triad?
Kerry: I did not grow up in the Triad. Our company discovered the area when we explored a new location for operations in the summer of 2020 – the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina led a tour of the state, and we’re glad they took us to High Point.

Q: What led you to become an entrepreneur?
Kerry: Many things really, but it started with an idea for new energy technology in my last year of grad school, and learning that government-led opportunities weren’t going to do well at getting the tech to the public.

Q:  What is Puroast, and how is it different from other industry competition?
Kerry: We’re a coffee company that has online e-commerce presence and also have a cafe in Miami.  Puroast Coffee has two primary and powerful qualities – it combines rich, gourmet flavor with important wellness benefits; 70% less acid than all other coffees and 7 times the antioxidants of green tea.

Q: How did you connect with Triad Business Bank (TBB)?
Kerry: We were introduced to Triad Business Bank by Sandy Dunbeck and her City of High Point Economic Development team

Q: Why did you choose TBB to work with?
Kerry: Simply the Can-Do attitude of Leah Price, President of Commercial Banking and High Point Market President. After our intro from Sandy, and the company completing its move from California, Leah put us together with her team, where we learned the several benefits Puroast would receive if we decided to do our banking with Triad Business Bank.

Q: What made TBB a good fit for you?
Kerry: The service level, the support for a growing business such as ours, and as mentioned above, Leah Price & her team’s commitment to ensure our satisfaction as a customer.

Q:  What has made you happiest about working with TBB?
Kerry: Customer service, business banking support and an excellent finance team – the best we’ve worked with in our history.

Q: Where do you see the banking industry headed in the future? What are some trends you’ve noticed?
Kerry: Can’t answer much of this, as my banking experience is mostly related to managing Puroast – it does seem to me that if the region and the country sees increasing small business as important and expanding, then local/regional business banks are fundamental to their success.

Q: What would you say to another business who is considering TBB?
Kerry: Highly recommend you meet with TBB in your exploration for a new banking relationship. Switching banking for businesses of any size has its challenges and concerns for management, TBB understands these and at the same time is immediately available to address all of those important aspects of a potential banking changeover. They want your business and work hard to make sure TBB serves you well.

Q: What’s in Puroast future?
Kerry: Let me count the ways! Puroast is a multichannel company, selling in grocery stores, the booming eCommerce world (Amazon, Vitacost, etc.), website at and, coffeehouses. In addition to expanding in these channels, we are opening international sales via licensing and franchising. We’ve also just launched a new product line, espresso capsules, and (hopefully) soon will be opening 3 new coffeehouses, with one for High Point.

Q: What life lesson have you learned that you think will be beneficial to others?
Kerry: For me decisions have always come by heeding my head and my heart. I think you need both to keep driving forward and finding ways to succeed – and the obvious one, hard work!

Q: What words of wisdom do you have to encourage younger generations to pursue careers in business?
Kerry: Understand setbacks are part of building your future – one of my favorite lines is from Thomas Edison, “I found 2,000 ways how not to build a lightbulb”- says it all. And don’t forget to work hard.

We are glad to have you as a client, and we enjoy Puroast coffee in all of our offices!

The company currently is located at 905 Market Center Dr., High Point, NC. 

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