Banking on Tomorrow: Rising Stars of Triad Business Bank
Q&A Series: Justin Anderson


Triad Business Bank is proud to introduce a dynamic team of young banking professionals, each with their own inspiring journey and unique perspectives. This Q&A series will highlight the stories of these young bankers as they share their industry experiences, professional insights, and future aspirations.

This installment in our Young Bankers series features Justin Anderson, a dedicated member of the Triad Business Bank treasury services team, who provides background on his career as a talented young professional as well as general industry insights. 


Q: Where are you from originally?
Justin: I was born and raised right here in Greensboro, North Carolina.

 Q: Can you tell us about your journey into the banking industry and what inspired you to pursue a career in finance?
My banking journey began right here at TBB! Starting out as a teller at the main branch, I was inspired to learn the world of finance as I began to recognize it all around me.

 Q: What do you find most rewarding about working in the banking industry, especially as a young professional?
The most rewarding aspect of my banking journey has been the ability to take the financial savvy that I gather and impart it to my family and friends.

 Q: Are there any individuals who have been influential during your career?
There are so many people that have influenced my banking career. There are three that come to mind first. Julius Ingram trained me as a teller and brought banking, which was once a lofty concept, down to an attainable level that I felt I could grasp. Ramsey Hamadi, TBB’s CEO, when I worked at the front desk, would take moments in passing and share stories from his past in banking. His anecdotes widened my imagination for what banking could look like for me. And Hollie Shelton, Head of Treasury, and my current manager, has played a major role in helping me to hone my corporate understanding and professional identity.

 Q: What role do you think community involvement plays in the success of a young banker, and how have you been involved in your local community?
There is not a single industry in which community is not vital to enhancement and advancement. My focus has been my family, close friends, and local church community, I have not yet tapped into the potential network of my peers and extended community. Even so, this is the community that has been my core and foundation.

 Q: What are some challenges or obstacles you feel you have faced as a young person in the banking industry, and how did you overcome those?
The biggest obstacle I’ve faced in banking has been my lack of experience — the learning curve. Like every obstacle, I meet it with tactics and develop a strategy. The environment at Triad Business Bank really developed my primary approach for overcoming this: reach out and ask for help. It has been as simple as that. And, as my knowledge base grows, so too does my research complexity.

 Q: Where do you see the banking industry headed in the future? What are some trends you’ve noticed?
The most comprehensive trend, traversing all sectors, is unquestionably the development, prominence, and integration of advancing technologies. I foresee information technology becoming ubiquitous throughout banking departments.

 Q: How can the industry as a whole better recruit and retain young talent?
As the industry embraces and implements greater and more technology, young talent will be drawn. In the words of Walter Isaacson, “the future belongs to those who can connect creativity to technology.”

 Q: What is your 5-year plan as a young banker in the Triad?
My five-year goal as a young banker is simply to carve a path of fulfillment and security in my career while continuing to give as much as I have to offer in every situation in which I find myself.

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